Portable oxygen measurements at % level


<3 seconds response time
portable and rugged
physical measurement principle
high accuracy

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Portable oxygen measurement.

When making spot checks with portable systems, accuracy and speed of response are key parameters. The PMA10 and PMA10S provide fast, accurate, and reliable oxygen measurement in a lightweight portable device.

Paramagnetism is significantly higher for oxygen than other common gases.  The M&C magneto-dynamic measurement cell uses this physical phenomenon to provide the most accurate and reliable measurements available.

The small (2 ml) flow cell houses a robust sensor that can have a flow rate of up to 1 l/min. The small cell design improves speed of response and the paramagnetic sensor measures oxygen concentrations with a response time of less than 3 seconds.

The analyser is able to have 5 selectable ranges. See details of the PMA10 and PMA10S by selecting the "Versions" tab for the most suitable unit for your application.



Datasheet for portable oxygen meter PMA10

The PMA 10 provides the standard ranges of

  • 0 to 1%
  • 0 to 3%
  • 0 to 10%
  • 0 to 30%
  • and 0 to 100%


Datasheet for portable oxygen meter PMA10S

The PMA10S may be used for all the normal ranges of the PMA10, and has an electronic zero suppression function when measuring close to 100% O2 in oxygen purity measurements.

Oxygen purity measurements can only be made discontinuously. The measuring accuracy of
the analyser can be maintained when calibration of the instrument with a certified gas takes place before the measurement procedure. This avoids the influence of ambient temperature and pressure changes. A measurement of 1 vol.% can be easily realized whilst the maximum value remains at 100 vol.%.






Measuring range

Selectable for 0 to 3, 0 to 10, 0 to 30, and 0 to 100 vol.% O2, linear. (Zero suppression measuring range 99 to 100 vol.% O2 standard, also available ranges 97/90/70 to 100 % for S version)

Response time for 90 % FSD

< 3 seconds at 60 Nl/hr air

Accuracy after calibration

Analogue = ±1 % of span

Digital = ±0.1 vol.% O2 error of precision


Analogue = <1 % of span

Digital = ±0.1 vol.% O2 error

Influence of ambient temperature

Zero point ±0.02 vol.% O2 / °C;

Sensitivity ±0.1 vol.% O2 / °C

Influence of barometric pressure

The oxygen reading varies in direct proportion to changes of the barometric pressure

Influence of sample gas flow

Variation of gas flow between 0 to 60 Nl/hr air will cause a difference of <0.1 vol.% O2

Sample gas inlet pressure

0.01 up to 1 bar g, (PMA 10 required admission pressure for competent flow rate, no pump inside) option: PMA 10 with internal pump, capacity 0.9 Nl/min. without pressure

Sample gas outlet pressure

Outlet of analyser must discharge freely into atmosphere

Flow rate of sample gas

Max. 60 Nl/hr air, adjustable with needle valve on the flowmeter 7 to 70 Nl/hr

Temperature of sample gas

-10 to +40 °C, dry gas

Ambient temperature

-10 to +55 °C

Analyser temperature

According to ambient temperature, non heated version

Storage temperature

-20 to +60 °C, relative humidity 0 to 90 %RH



CE marked

IP protection

IP 41 EN 60529

Electrical standard

EN 61010


Shipping weight

3 Kg



150 H x 202 W x 260 D mm


Plastic housing, grey

Wetted materials

Platinum, Glass, Polypropylene, 316 (TI) Stainless Steel, FPM, Epoxy resin



Internal power unit 230 VAC standard, 115 VAC available ±10%, 40 to 60 Hz. 8 VA option: rechargeable battery, recharged by the internal power unit. 10 hr battery capacity, 14 hr recharge time with instrument off.


mains: 3-pole chassis plug. signal: 3-pole plug

Cable length

2 m for mains supply

Sample gas connection

PP-hose nipple for DN 11 to 4 mm tube


Output signal

0 to 1 VDC, non-isolated, load > 100 KΩ, for each selected range

Analogue/Digital indication

Analogue: selectable for each range with a scale of 0 to 30 and 0 to 100 %. Digital: 3 ½ digit 9 mm high LCD for 0 to 100 % O2 reading, selectivity 0.1 vol.% O2

All specifications subject to change