Coulometric titration system for water in oil

Aquamax KF Coulometric

simple operation
10 user programmable methods
1 ppm to 100 %

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A Karl Fischer coulometric titration system.

The Aquamax KF Coulometric Titrator has been developed over many years with suggestions and comments from users worldwide. This laboratory based system can be used in the field and on offshore platforms and includes an integral high speed printer.

It is battery operated, with an optional carry case to provide a convenient and flexible measurement system. The Automatically Compensated Errors (ACE) program makes it ease of use and portability enables it to be used by both laboratory technicians and field engineers.

Specifically designed to determine the water (H2O) content of oil and hydrocarbon liquids by measuring the amount of electrolysis current necessary to produce the required iodine. This is an absolute technique which does not require routine calibration of reagents. With this simple-to-programme device, a titration measurement may be taken with a single button.

The system conforms to:

ASTM D1533, D4928, D6304, IP386, IP4138,

API MPMS Chapter 10.9

IEC60814, ISO 10101-3, 10337 and 102937

The Aquamax KF Coulometric has a small footprint and results may be downloaded via the Results Manager software onto a spreadsheet programme.

Results Manager

Results Manager is supplied as standard with the Aquamax KF Coulometric and is a Windows based application, allowing users to view and print the results. The system can either be connected directly to a computer or results may be stored on a flash drive for later connection to a computer.

Results Manager Software



Water content of oil samples

Titration method

Coulometric Karl Fischer titration



Electrolysis control

Patented "ACE" control system GB2370641

End point detection

AC polarisation

End point indication

Visual display/print out/acoustic beep

Typical measuring range

1 µg to 10 mg water

Possible measuring range

1 µg to 200 mg water

Moisture range

1 ppm to 100 % water

Max. sensitivity

0.1 µg


10 to 100 µg ± 3 µg

100 µg to 1 mg ± 3 µg

Above 1 mg ± 0.3 %

Max. titration speed

2.24 mg per minute

Start delay time

0 to 30 minutes, user selectable

End delay time

0 to 30 minutes, user selectable

Max current

400 mA

Drift compensation

Automatically controlled

Calculation modes

Weight/weight (W/w), Weight/dilution ratio (W/K), Volume/density (V/SG), Volume/volume(V/v)

Stirrer speed

Microprocessor controlled


40 character alphanumeric backlit LCD


42 character high speed thermal printer

Data entry

15 key touchpad

Display format

µg, mg/kg, ppm, %

Print format

µg, mg/kg, ppm, %


max, mean, min values up to 99 runs

Method storage

10 user programmable methods

Sample ID number

User programmable


Multiple languages, user selectable


Analysis time and date print out

Battery low indicator

Display and print out indication



CE marked


Shipping weight

3.5 Kg



250 x 245 x 120 mm

Titration vessel

Low drift cell design. No grease or PTFE sleeves required



90 to 264 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz. 12 VDC car adapter/internal battery



RS232 ports and USB

All specifications subject to change