Oil in water analyser able to determine oil types and other species


side stream flow
automatic ultrasonic cleaning
water composition analysis
rapid speed of response

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Improved oil in water measurements.

Significant steps have been taken to improve oil in water measurements. Systems from Advanced Sensors have been able to operate in the field for many years with zero maintenance. IMA can support their claim to be the world's best oil in water analyser. Besides monitoring oil in water from low ppb to 20,000 ppm, the EX-1000M can automatically determine the type of oil that is being detected, as well as making solids measurements such as sand content of water. Both of these features are useful in monitoring water pollution.

The use of an automatic ultrasonic cleaning method allows the EX-1000M to provide reliable and accurate measurements for many years without requiring maintenance or consumables, making the operating costs for these systems extremely low. Many users have reported zero maintenance over several years.

The EX-100M provides an oil in water measurement via a UV fluorescence technique, while the EX-1000M includes an integral spectrum analyser. Data is logged once a second, and there is sufficient storage for 10 years of data that can be displayed quickly and easily on the graphical user interface.

Video microscopy on both the EX-100M and the EX-1000M allows solids and oil droplets to be monitored for size and quantity, greatly enhancing the usefulness of the analyser when applied to either produced fluids or produced water for re-injection.  

Water composition can also be monitored using the EX-1000M. Specific process chemicals within the water can be monitored, and if the water composition changes outside of user determined limits, an alarm will alert operators.

Another unique feature of the EX-1000M is the ability to correct for different oil types. The individual spectra for different oils can be determined by the spectrometer, and correct measurement calibration can then be applied to report an accurate oil in water ppm level.

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oil and solids in water measurement

The video microscopy on both the EX-100M and the EX-1000M converts the system to monitor oil, gas and solids in one system, and also allows solids and oil droplets to be monitored for size and quantity, greatly enhancing the usefulness of the analyser when applied to either produced fluids or produced water for re-injection.

A digital camera with a magnification lens is used to capture an image. The image is then processed to find objects of interest such as oil droplets, solids and gas. Classification of particles is defined initially by sharpness and shape. Gas and oil tend to have high shape factors (spherical) where solids are less regular in shape. Gas can be distinguished from oil as it has a lower contrast in its centre than oil droplets.

A number of samples are taken and averaged to provide data for the three particle types when processed for statistical reports of particle size and total particle volume.

oil, gas and solids in water



Automatic ultrasonic

Sample homogenisation


Oil droplet size

Automatic compensation

Process temp. range

0 to 100 °C (180 °C optional)

Process pressure range

0 to 35 barg (180 barg optional)

Ambient temp. range

-20 to 55 °C


Interactive touch screen

Fluorescence Specification


Hydrocarbons or chemicals that fluoresce

Measurement principle

Laser induced UV fluorescence


0 to 20,000 ppm

User may select a range from 0 to 20,000 ppm


± 1 % of measurement range


> 99 %

Response time

< 1 second, continuous results

Spectrometer Specification (1000 models only)

Emission wavelength range

400 to 1,100


0.5 nm

Microscopy Specification


Hydrocarbons, total suspended solids and gas PPM; hydrocarbons, total suspended solids and gas size; turbidity (measurement in AU)

Measurement principle

CCD camera 2D image


Gas PPM - 0 to 1,000 ppm;

Gas size - 1 to 450 um;

Turbidity - 0 to 1,500 AU


Controlled LED lighting with 5 year MTBF

Number of images per datasheet

1 to 50 images (user configurable)

Time between each image

0.1 to 10 seconds (user configurable)

Imaging modes

Flowing, static, high gas content mode


Size ± 4 % of measurement range


Size > 98 %

Image resolution

2 million pixels


Gas PPM - 4 parameter curve fit with gain correct (microscopy PPM can auto calibrate to fluorescence measurement)

Gas size - calibrated to known latex beads

Turbidity light frequency

White light

Turbidity measurement timeline

Every image cycle



CE marked

Ingress protection



Exd II 2G IIB T4


Class 1 Div 1


Shipping weight

Approx. 77 Kg including stand, valve and chamber



1120 H x 600 W x 670 D mm (optional variants)

Clear space

500 mm front and rear

Material (wetted parts)

316 SS (option of hastalloy, inconel, CR25, CR 22, titanium, monel)

ATEX box

Aluminium (316SS optional)

Sample flow rate

0 to 25 l/min. (optional 0 to 1000 l/min.)

Ingress protection


Process connection

1" ANSI flange (options available)


Process stream viewing window provided as standard


Power voltage

110 or 230 VAC

Power frequency

50 or 60 Hz

Power consumption

60 W normal, 300 W peak

Instrument air

5 to 8 BarG (for pneumatic valve - electrical valve optional)



4 to 20 mA passive (modbus over HART optional)

Alarm relay 1

Volt free relay configurable to system alarm or ppm setpoint

Alarm relay 2

Volt free relay configurable to system alarm or ppm setpoint

Digital 1


Digital 2

2 wire ADSL


Wi-fi (optional)

Remote access

VNC, master remote manager

Internal data storage

> 10 years

All specifications subject to change

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