Simple to use coulometic titrator for water in oil

Aquamax KF ECO

entry level version
simple operation
1 ppm to 100 % range

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Simple operation.

This easy-to-use titrator offers an economical entry level unit that has a powerful titration system to measure moisture content of liquids, pastes and gels.  It shares many of the features of the Aquamax KF but does not include an integral printer.  Its wide range means that it may be used to assess both the quality of incoming feedstock product and finished product.

The instrument is designed to measure the water content of oil samples in a coulometric Karl Fisher titration cell. The amount of electrolysis current required to produce the necessary amount of iodine to counteract the moisture when a known volume of sample is added to the cell is monitored, and the result calculated and converted to ppm, mg/Kg, % or µg water.

This simple to operate unit has up to 10 pre-programmed methods that comply with ASTM standards.

The unit can be connected to "Results Manager" software to review and print sets of results.




Water content of oil samples

Titration method

Coulometric Karl Fischer titration



Electrolysis control

Patented "ACE" control system GB2370641

End point detection

AC polarisation

End point indication

Visual display/print out/acoustic beep

Typical measuring range

1 µg to 10 mg water

Possible measuring range

1 µg to 200 mg water

Moisture range

1 ppm to 100 % water

Max. sensitivity

0.1 µg


10 to 100 µg ± 3 µg

100 µg to 1 mg ± 3 µg

Above 1 mg ± 0.3 %

Max. titration speed

2.24 mg per minute

Start delay time

0 to 30 minutes, user selectable

End delay time

0 to 30 minutes, user selectable

Max. current

400 mA

Drift compensation

Automatically controlled

Calculation modes

Weight/weight (W/w), Weight/dilution ratio (W/K), Volume/density (V/SG), Volume/volume(V/v)

Stirrer speed

Microprocessor controlled


40 character alphanumeric backlit LCD

Data entry

15 key touchpad

Display format

µg, mg/kg, ppm, %

Method storage

10 user programmable methods

Sample ID number

User programmable


Multiple languages, user selectable



CE marked


Shipping weight

3.5 Kg



250 x 245 x 120 mm



90 to 264 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz.



RS232 ports and USB

All specifications subject to change