A mounting system for dew point transmitters


easy to install
low or high pressure dew point
integral filter
isolation valve

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Direct mounting system.

The DMS is a convenient and cost effective method of installing dew point transmitters. It offers the choice of either line pressure or atmospheric pressure dew point measurements.

Installing the orifice at the inlet to the probe holder lowers the pressure of air flowing through the probe holder to atmospheric pressure. This gives a measurement that does not vary with line pressure giving the user a stable dew point measurement. However, some users prefer to measure dew point at line pressure, usually because the specification of compressed air dryers is stated as a line pressure dew point. This can be achieved by installing the orifice at the outlet of the probe holder.

An isolation valve and integral filter are also included to ensure long term and safe operation of the dew point transmitter system.

Download our dew point calculator to see the effect of line pressure on dew point.